Thunder Struck 4 Orange Vinyl Wrap

Thunder Struck 4 Orange Vinyl Wrap
Overall Height (inches)
Overall Width (inches)
Alert! Although we can produce a wrap over 50" it will be split into overlapping pieces (around 1/2" overlap).

Our wraps are printed on air release adhesive backed vinyl and coated in a clear protective overlaminate. These are ideal for most any race car or trailer.

These are sold in pairs. You'll recieve one piece as shown along with an identical reversed version for the opposite side. See below for more information.

Price is for both Price is for one

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About Our Wraps

Does the wrap come with on it?

No, the logo is called a watermark and is only on the preview shown on the site. This is to prevent unauthorized copies of our wraps. Your wrap will not contain our logo.

Explain the checkerboard box behind the wrap

The checkerboard box represents transparency or in other words the checkerboard represents the areas where the color of your car would be visible.

How are wraps sized and measured?

The size shown is the overall size as measured in the orientation shown on the preview above. Many of our wraps are cut to shape and measure differently depending on what direction your measure them.

More about our vinyl

Our vinyl is an air release calendared vinyl. The laminate and vinyl are manufacturer rated for 6 years sustained outdoor use. This will vary wildly such as the condition of the surface the vinyl is applied to along with the exposure to sun. This particular combination of wrap vinyl and laminate we sell is intended specifically for use on race cars and trailers. This is not nessecarily the ideal choice for actual vehicle wraps. By using a lower grade film we can sell wraps much cheaper than an equivalent cast vinyl/laminate combination but look just as good.

Most race wraps don't survive an entire season (sometimes a single race) so we feel this vinyl is a perfect candidate for racing graphics.

How hard is it to install?

Installing a wrap can be intimidating if you have never done it. Surpsingly on something like a trailer, dirt late model or modified it is actually pretty easy. The panels are mostly flat and the vinyl will release most air bubbles. We have found most people can install wraps without any issue on flat or semi flat surfaces.

Installation becomes more difficult when you attempt something like the rear of a sprint or quarter midget. In this case it may require a heat gun or hair dryer to work the vinyl slowly around the tight curves.

Can I remove my wrap later on?

Yes, although all of the vinyl we use is considered permanent by industry standards, you will be able to remove it. It may require a little bit of heat to weaken the adhesive. Keep in mind if you have a non factory paint job it is possible you could damage your paint while removing the vinyl, attempt at your own risk.

About the color shown

Most of our wraps are identifed by the dominant color on the wrap such as 'vandal yellow'. Although if you actually look at the wrap it will have shades of yellow and blend into other colors. We use industry standard printing practices to replicate colors in our art files. So when we print a wrap it will be the correct color, however, it will likely not match exactly what you see on your computer screen. Screens display colors differently and for that reason if you absolutely need to see the color before you purchase you can request a small sample from us. We will not replace wraps for reasons such as the color not arriving as you intended.

Can you do other colors?

We cannot offer these wraps in other colors.