General and Common Questions

We are using 6 year sustained outdoor rated permanent adhesive calendared vinyl. We don't mention brands because we can vary depending on stocks available. Please note we do not sell or offer reusable vinyl.

For a more detailed description of our wraps and wrap process, visit our race wraps section and click on any product.

Specialty Colors - Our specialty colors signify actual rolls of specialty colors we stock. For example our carbon fiber vinyl is in fact a roll of textured carbon fiber material, not printed to simulate the effect. Specialty colors vary wildly in durability. Generally these colors last 3 years or more. We have seen longer and it depends on what you purchase as to how long it will last.

Digitally Printed - Our digitally printed colors signify colors that we reproduce by printing on a 6 colors digital solvent printer. The end result basically the same as you designed. We print and then contour cut the lettering out so it can achieve the digital effects you choose. Digitally printed vinyl is superior in several ways because it does feature a clear UV laminate by default and is produced on an air release vinyl that eliminates bubbles during installation.

We strive to ship all orders in 5-7 business days. As always we have no control over your item once it has left our facility. We highly recommend you choose USPS Express Mail if you must have a your order by guaranteed date.
No matter what design tool you are using on our site the sizing works the same. The sizing is the overall size. If you draw an imaginary box around your design (including hanging letters) and measured that box that would be your size shown. On most of our design tools there are dotted lines or rulers indicating this.

We get asked about sponsorships quite frequently. We are looking into a sponsorship package in the future but currently sponsorships are by invitation only.

Unfortunately we have a closed facility and cannot allow on site pickups.

We do not do installations at this time. All of our products are produced and shipped out. Our facility is closed to the public.

Sorry, we cannot do design work at this time. We encourage you to send us your logo or print ready design and we can then produce it in vinyl. However, we cannot create you something from scratch. If you can't quite get what you want using the online tool and need us to tweak it (you already know what you want) then that is not a problem.

Currently the basic functions of the site work on phones and tablets. Dragging and resizing does not currently work on touch devices but support will be added in the future. For the ideal experience using the online designer we highly recommend using a desktop browser(IE 10+, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox).

We use industry standard printing practices, however, we can't control how your screen shows colors. If you picked Purple and got Orange then we can help you. If you picked Purple and didn't get the shade you were expecting then there is likely nothing we can do for you. The same holds true for our vinyl wraps. Many are labelled by a particular color such as 'vandal yellow', however, these wraps contain many shades of colors. We won't replace wraps or graphics in these situtations. If you are concerned about colors please request a sample and we'll do our best to get it to you.

Using the online designer

Shipping Information

We strive to ship all orders in 5-7 business days. As always we have no control over your item once it has left our facility. We highly recommend you choose USPS Express Mail if you must have a your order by guaranteed date.

Shipping Errors and Delays

Ultimately we cannot be responsible for shipping delays or errors by the shipping company you select. However, it is our best intention to get you your product in a timely manner. We deal with shipping issues on a case by case basis. If your package is lost we'll replace it then deal with the shipping company directly. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect addresses, packages being failed to be picked up, or improperly forwarded mail. Should you require your lettering on a specific date we highly advise your choose USPS Express Mail as this is a guaranteed shipping method. Please alert us of your in hands requirements and we'll try to ship on time or advise you otherwise. Please consider Priority mail can in some cases take 5 days to be delivered to some parts of the US.

Surface Requirements

Acceptable Surfaces

  • Vehicles (smooth and glossy finishes)
  • Windows and glass in general
  • Painted, glossy metal
  • Plastic (not low energy grade plastic)
  • Fiberglass
  • Painted Wood
  • Boat Gel Coats

Not Acceptable Surfaces

  • Raw Wood
  • Oily or unclean surfaces
  • Oxidized paint
  • Rubber
  • Primered surfaces

If you aren't sure if your surface will work, please ask!